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The International Institute of American Studies supports research concerning the United States of America and provides a platform for collaboration and the ongoing exchange of ideas. It seeks to stimulate scholarly engagement in American studies both at Doshisha University and beyond to increase awareness and understanding of this field of study.

Carrying on Neesima's Philosophy

The mission of the International Institute of American Studies is to promote and advance research that illuminates the study of America across fields, disciplines and faculties of Doshisha University and other universities. The most important mission of the institute is to carry on the philosophy and effort Neesima made during his journey to America. The institute carries out his philosophy through a variety of research projects and outreach activities.

Sharing Knowledge and Ideas for the Common Good

Research Activities of the International Institute of American Studies
IIAS organizes several interdisciplinary group research projects. All of the projects form the core of research works at this institute. The results of the projects are published in the International Institute’s annual journal, Doshisha American Studies, as well as in other publications. IIAS also hosts the public lectures and provide available resources at this institute