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Doshisha American Studies Journal

Doshisha American Studies is a scholarly and multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of any aspect of the United States of America, published annually in March by the International Institute of American Studies, Doshisha University.

1. Manuscripts

Manuscript themes can be anything as long as they are related to American Studies. Submitted manuscripts may not be under review for publication elsewhere while under consideration at Doshisha American Studies.

2. Eligibility for Applicants

Doshisha American Studies welcomes all of the best, original work from scholars, including graduate students, of American Studies within and outside Japan.

3. Deadline for Application

The application form must be sent by May 31(JST 23:59).
・ Applicants must submit the application form which includes the theme and summary in English (maximum 250 words).
・ The Editorial Committee will conduct the primary screening and notify applicants of the result.

4. Deadline for Manuscripts

Fully developed manuscripts must be submitted by October 10 (JST 23:59). Late manuscripts will not be accepted due to the publication’s schedule.

5. Format of Manuscripts:

【Articles and Research Notes】
(1) in Japanese—not more than 20,000 characters including references, notes and the abstract.
(2) in English—not more than 8,500 words including references and notes (double-spaced).

【Book Reviews, Introduction of Research Materials, etc.】
(1) in Japanese—not more than 12,000 characters.
(2) in English—not more than 5,000 words (double-spaced).

Submissions should include PDF data of the manuscript, along with the ABSTRACT, and should be sent to following email

6. Publishing Schedule

Publication is scheduled for every March in correspondence with the end of the Japanese academic calendar.

Review Process and Editing

■The submitted manuscripts will be subject to double-blind peer review, and the Editorial Committee will make a final decision on whether the submitted manuscript will be accepted for publication. Manuscripts will not be returned regardless of the Editorial Committee’s decision.

■The Editorial Committee reserves the right to change the category of the submitted manuscript and may request changes if it is necessary in the Committee’s judgment.

■All accepted manuscripts will be accessible on the Doshisha University Academic Repository.
the Doshisha University Academic Repository

All inquiries should be addressed to

International Institute of American Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto 602-0898 JAPAN
E-mail : ji-amekn@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
Tel: +81-75-251-4900
Fax: +81-75-251-3091